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FT-IR: JI-Ap-FT0507-004 Secondary Structure Analysis of Proteins Using IR Imaging
FT-IR: JI-Ap-FT0507-002 Applications for the IMV-4000 Multi-channel Infrared Microscope
FT-IR: JI-Ap-FT0507-001 Pharmaceutical tablet characterization by NIR Imaging
CD 01-03 Thermal Denaturation of Hen-egg Lysozyme with Concurrent CD and Fluorescence Detection
CD 02-03 CD detection of Myoglobin Structure
During an Automated pH Titration
CD 01-04 Circular Dichroism Spectrometry for the
Analysis of Amphetamines

FP 01-02

Fluorescence Detection of
Counterfeit US Currency
HPLC 02-04

Detection of Amino Acids Using
HPLC with CD Detection

IR 01-03

Secondary Structure Analysis (SSE) Software for
Infra Red Interpretation and Modeling of Proteins

IR 01-04

Infrared Microscopy for the Analysis of
Polymer Laminates in a Juice Bottle

IR 02-03

Quantitative Analysis of Powdered
Solids with FTIR-ATR

IR 03-03

Analysis of Automotive Fluids
Using with FTIR

IR 04-03

Analysis of Automotive Polymers
Using with FTIR

LC 01-03

Detection of Chiral Compounds
Using HPLC with CD Detection

LC 01-04

Detection of Chiral Drugs Using
HPLC with CD Detection

LC 02-03

Detection of Nitroarenes in Diesel Exhaust Using
HPLC with UV and Fluorescence Detection

RM 01-02

Dispersive Raman for the Identification of
Contaminant Particles in Ink Jet Cartridges

RM 01-03

Gemstone Identification Using
Raman Spectroscopy

RM 08-04 Carbon Nanotube Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy
UV 01-04 Automated Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Analysis of Sunscreen using UV-Vis
NF 01-04 Nanospectroscopy using a Near-Field Scanning Microspectrometer
FP 01-06

Determination of Fluorescence Excitation/Emission Maxima

TM 03-06 High Sped Separation of a Tuberculosis Medication Using (X-LC™)
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