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For more details and information on JASCO instruments, we offer free product catalog as follows.
Please contact us or your local JASCO distributors.

General Brochure

  • JASCO Spectroscopy and Chromatography Technology (for analytical instruments)
  • JASCO Semiconductor Solutions (for semiconductor instruments)

Chromatography Literature

  • X-LC© Extreme Liquid Chromatography
  • LC-2000Plus Series High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Micro21 Series Micro HPLC System
  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extrraction Systems (SFC/SFE)

    And more…

Spectroscopy Literature

  • Advanced FT-IR Solutions
  • Micro FT-IR
  • V-600 Series UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer
  • V-7000 Series Ultra High Performance UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometers
  • DT-810 Dissolution Tester
  • FP-8000 Series Fluorescence Spctrophotometers
  • J-1000 Series Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer
  • P-2000 Digital Polarimeter

    And more…

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