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ChromNAV Chromatography Data System

The ChromNAV Chromatography Data System is a state-of-the-art chromatography software package for JASCO X-LC Series and LC-2000Plus Series systems. The software provides fully system control for up to four systems, data acquisition, processing and reporting. A powerful cross-platform software package, Spectra Manager is standard for on-the-fly spectral scanning by UV, 4 ch-UV, FP and CD detectors and data processing functions.


  • Controls JASCO X-LC Series, LC-2000Plus Series, LC-1500 Series, and more
  • Controls up to four systems simultaneously
  • Acquires data at a sampling rate of 100 Hz and is compatible with X-LC detectors.
  • ChromNAV CFR is available for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

System Control and Data Acquisition
ChromNAV can control up to four systems simultaneously. The LC-NetII/ADC is the hardware interface between your PC and the system components. Up to four channels of analog data can be acquired by each LC-NetII/ADC.

Powerful Data Analysis Functions
ChromNAV includes all standard chromatography calculations, such as reliable peak integration and identification, powerful and easy quantification, a quick user-defined reporting format and versatile data conversion for data export. Peak calculation results can be sent to Microsoft® Excel automatically.

PDA Detector Control and Data Analysis
PDA data analysis is a standard feature in ChromNAV. Some useful tools for manipulating spectra, such as peak purity calculation, spectrum search, etc., are fully supported. Installed as part of the ChromNAV software package, JASCO’s Spectra Manager softwear is provided to perform advanced spectral analysis.

On-flow Spectra Using Spectra Manager™
A powerful cross-platform software package, Spectra Manager is standard for rapid spectral scanning using UV, 4 ch-UV, Fluorescence and Cicular Dichroism detectors and data processing functions.

Optional GPC Add-on
The optional GPC package allows molecular weight distribution calculations. Molecular weight distribution is displayed together with the calculation results and the chromatogram.


Users and Privileges
User privileges set by different security levels.

Electronic signature
Three types of electronic signatures (Created, Reviewed, and Approved) are available. Customer cannot modify any Approved data and methods.

Audit trail
Audit trail function records and archives all operations and file modifications.

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