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FP-2020 Fluorescence Detector

The JASCO Model FP-2020 Intelligent Fluorescence Detector is recognized as the industry's most sensitive detector with a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 350:1 for the Raman water peak. The FP-2020 covers a wide wavelength range both for excitation and emission from 220 to 700 nm (~ 900 nm with an optional PMT) with proven stability. Versatile time-programming capabilities are provided for wavelength, response, gain, spectral scan, etc., permitting highly selective detection of various compounds. A rapid scan feature allows on-the-flow spectral acquisition for both emission and excitation spectra without interrupting the chromatographic elution. A specially designed chemiluminescence attachment and capillary electrophoresis cell are optionally available.

The FP-2020 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using the ChromPass Software. The ChromPass software offers full automation of the JASCO HPLC system including the FP-2020.

Maximum Sensitivity
Improvement in the optical design and coating allows greater efficiency in the collection of fluorescence energy resulting in detection of anthracene (S/N = 1) at levels as low as 40 femtograms. With a S/N of greater than 350:1, the FP-2020 is the most sensitive HPLC fluorescence detector on the market ensuring accurate detection and quantification for applications with very low compound concentrations.

Advanced Optics
Holographic concave diffraction gratings and nonspherical mirrors are cleverly incorporated in a compact package resulting in extremely efficient and reliable monochromators. Replacement of the lamp can be easily performed in minutes by the user without even opening the instrument cover.

Highly Reliable Data
A built-in thermistor monitors optical bench temperature and automatically compensates for temperature variation via feedback through the CPU. Digital filtering further enhances signal intensity producing highly-reliable quantitative data especially for applications requiring the ultimate in detection limits.

Rapid Spectral Scanning
A rapid spectral scan function allows on-flow spectral scanning of both emission and excitation spectra without interrupting the chromatographic elution. The FP-2020 can store up to 10 EX and EM spectra within the on-board microprocessor. Spectral subtraction allows for a true sample spectra by eliminating any interference from the mobile phase solvent.

A Variety of Flow Cells
In addition to the standard 16 μL flow cell, various type of flow cells, Micro flow cell (5 μL), Capillary flow cell for capillary electrophoresis, Chemiluminescence flow cell, Inert flow cell are available to meet various applications. A rectangular cell holder is also available to place a rectangular cell (10 mm x 10 mm) for use of the FP-2020 as spectrofluorometer for methods development and finding optimal EX and EM wavelengths.

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