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UV-2070 UV/Vis Detector
UV-2075 UV/Vis Detector

The JASCO Models UV-2075 and UV-2070 are the most compact, full featured UV/Visible detectors that have ever been offered.

Occupying only 15 cm of bench space the UV-2075/2070 have versatile capabilities to cover the most complex needs of the modern analytical laboratory.

To ensure the most sensitive and stable HPLC detection these detectors utilize a Czerny-Turner mount monochromator covering a wide wavelength range from 190 to 900 nm with deuterium and halogen lamps (Model UV-2070) and from 190 to 600 nm with deuterium lamp (Model UV-2075). The excellent optical characteristics and full programmability of the UV-2075/2070 combined in a compact package is truly a new benchmark in HPLC detection.

The UV-2075/2070 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using the ChromPass Software. The Chrompass software offers full automation of the JASCO HPLC system including the UV-2075/2070 and other components.

Compact UV/Vis Detector
The small 15 cm wide and 15 cm high detector occupies minimal laboratory space and the lightweight 10 kg housing allows it is to be easily moved from place to place.

Wide wavelength range
The UV-2075 utilizes a Deuterium lamp to cover the range of 190 nm ~ 600 nm. For enhanced performance in the visible range the UV-2070 has both Deuterium and Halogen sources covering the range of 190 nm ~ 900 nm.

High sensitivity and extreme stability
The advanced high throughput optical design results in low baseline noise level with minimal drift enabling accurate peak detection for even the highest sensitivity analyses. The tapered cell design eliminates baseline variation due to the change in the refractive index of the eluent.

Full intelligent functions
Front panel programming allows up to 10 program files with up to 64 steps/file. Time programmable parameters include Wavelength, Range, Autozero, Response and Spectral scanning. Self-diagnostics functions are provided for start-up hardware checks as well as monitoring for solvent leakage, lamp-off, etc. during operation. To extend lamp life, a timer is provided to shut off the lamp after completing the run.

A variety of flow cells
Various cassette type flow cells are available including Micro, Preparative, Ultra High pressure for SFC and/or LC-MS, PTFE for biochemical samples, and Inert flow cell for biochemical samples or ion chromatography.

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