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JASCO has developed the LC-4000 Series HPLC pumps with the SSQD (Slow Suction, Quick Delivery) pumping system, which provides durable, accurate and pulse-free operation. The LC-4000 series HPLC pumps include expansion bays that allow a simple pump module to be transformed into a powerful solvent delivery system. Accessory modules can be installed in the LC-4000 series pump for use with virtually any solvent delivery requirement.
HPLC Pumps (Analytical scale)
HPLC Pumps (Preparative scale)


With JASCO’s long history of spectrometer development, you will find that each detector is well designed; these next generation detectors employ the latest optical and electronic technologies for high sensitivity, excellent stability and easy maintenance.
UV-4070 UV/Vis Detector
UV-4075 UV/Vis Detector
MD-4010 Diode Array Detector
MD-4015 Diode Array Detector
MD-4017 Diode Array Detector
FP-4020 Fluorescence Detector
FP-4025 Fluorescence Detector
RI-4030 Refractive Index Detector
RI-4035 Refractive Index Detector
CD-4095 Circular Dichroism Detector
OR-4090 Chiral Detector


The LC-4000 Series autosamplers provide a range of options to suit any sample injection requirements, from the AS-4050 entry-level model, to the AS-4250 UHPLC model or the AS-4058 preparative scale autosampler.
HPLC Autosamplers


HPLC Column Ovens
HPLC Reaction Oven

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