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LG-2080-02 Proportitioning Value, 3-solvent
LG-2080-04 Proportitioning Value, 4-solvent

The Model LG-2080-02/04 Low pressure gradient unit is designed to be used with the model PU-2080 Intelligent HPLC pump. The PU-2080 Pump employs a slow suction, quick delivery method that provides extremely stable solvent delivery. The method's gentle suction action prevents cavitations in the pump head and is able to provide stable delivery of both volatile and viscose solvents.

The LG-2080-02 exploits the slow suction action of the PU-2080 pump to allow highly precise solvent mixtures to be easily produced. The delivery unit is fabricated from fluoropolymer and PEEK only, permitting a wide range of solvents to be used.


Number of solvents :

3 (LG-2080-02)
4 (LG-2080-04)

Precision of solvent composition:

±0.2% (in the composition range of 10 to 90%)

Precision of linear gradient:

±1% (in the composition range of 10 to 90%)
Maximum pressure: 2.0 kg/cm²
Flowrate range: 0.3 mL/min to 3 mL/min

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