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MX-2080-32 Dinamic mixer

The MX-2080-32 is a high pressure mixer, capable of mixing up to 3 solvents under high pressure, for HPLC. Since mixing is done forcefully by a stirrer, the instrument is capable of mixing solvents that could not be sufficiently mixed by conventional static mixers.

By changing the chamber (mixing section) capacity, the instrument can be used in various appllications from semi-micro HPLC to semi-preparative HPLC. The standard chamber capacity is 1.5 mL. Chambers for semi-micro HPLC and semi-preparative HPLC are available as options.


Solvent mixing method:

Mixing by rotation of stirrer bar Number of piping inlets: 3 (Max.)

Rotation speed setting:

FAST: Approx. 2000 rpm
MID: Approx. 1500 rpm
SLOW: Approx. 1000 rpm

Chamber capacity:

- 1.5 mL (Standard),
- 250 μL, 400 μL, 5 mL, 3 mL (Option)

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