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PU-2087 Preparative HPLC Pump

In addition to the Model PU-2080 analytical pump, JASCO is pleased to introduce two new preparative scale HPLC pumps.

The Model PU-2087 covers flow rates from 0.001 to 50.000 ml/min. Just as the other components of the LC-2000 Plus line, the PU-2087 deliver excellent pump performance in an extremely compact package.

Occupying only 15 cm of bench space the PU-2087 contain 16-bit microprocessors for full programmability. Both models can be used in isocratic or gradient modes with the same precision and reproducibility of many analytical scale pumps.

The PU-2087 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using the ChromPass Software. TheChromPass software offers full automation of the JASCO HPLC system including the PU-2087.

Preparative Performance in a Compact Package
The small pump, a mere 15 cm wide by 15 cm high, makes purification of large amounts of compounds possible while occupying minimum bench space in the crowded modern laboratory.

High Pressure Gradient or Isocratic Operation
The dual plunger design eliminates pulsation providing uniform flow over a wide range of flow rates. High quality purified samples are assured with precision and reproducibility better than many analytical pumps.

Recycle Valve/Port
A recycle valve or port are provided for convenient recycle operation.

Full Programmability and Communication

  • Time programming of 10 files with up to 64 steps/file is available eliminating the need for external computers or system controllers.
  • Built-in program allows high pressure gradient operation by 2 pumps.
  • Event control capability allows column switching, and control of external components.
  • An auto pump on/off timer is provided.

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