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PU-2089 Quaternary HPLC Pump
PU-2089i Bio-inret Quaternary HPLC Pump

The JASCO Model PU-2089 is a compact HPLC Quaternary low pressure gradient pump designed to meet the numerous requirements for a wide range of research and routine gradient applications.

The pulse-free and stable SSQD (Slow suction, Quick delivery) pumping system is ideal to assure the most reliable solvent flow.

Built-in low pressure proportioning valve and degasser enable the highest flexibility in solvent choices of up to four solvents and excellent gradient solvent delivery without having to reconfigure the system.

The PU-2089 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using the ChromPass Software. The ChromPass software offers full automation of the JASCO HPLC system including the PU-2089 and other components, along with an audit trail with enhanced GLP compliance.

The Model PU-2089i is also available for biological separations without metalic material contact.

Compact-sized HPLC pump
The size of the pump is a mere 15 cm wide and 22.5 cm high. The PU-2089 and other components can be stacked to comprise a system requiring minimal bench space in the crowded modern laboratory.

Excellent pump performance
The SSQD (Slow suction, Quick delivery) pumping method ensures the most reliable, accurate, and stable solvent delivery possible. A guaranteed flow rate precision within 0.1% assures good reproducibility of retention time. Pulse-free flow assures maximum detector sensitivity.

Top performance low pressure mixing
Built-in proportioning valve and degasser for low-pressure mixing of up to four solvents provide consistently smooth solvent flow and highest flexibility in solvent choices without having to reconfigure the system.

Extreme durability
Utilizing ceramic plungers and an automatic plunger cleaning system assures a long, maintenance free pump life. Diaphragms located behind the plunger seals and a pair of check valves act as pumps for cleaning the plunger surface, thus avoiding the precipitation of salts from buffer solutions during intermittent operation.

Full programmability
Stand-alone front panel programming of 10 files with up to 64 steps/file is provided eliminating the need for external computers or system controllers. Built-in program allows either high pressure gradient operation or low pressure gradient operation without need of a system controller. Full PC control is available if desired.

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