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> PU-4086/4086Binary/4087 Preparative HPLC Pumps

PU-4086 Preparative HPLC Pump
PU-4086Binary Preparative HPLC Pump
PU-4087 Preparative HPLC Pump

TThe LC-4000 Preparative-HPLC System can deliver the solvents at higher flow rates and higher pressures for use with longer preparative HPLC columns that generate more back pressure and for faster and more productive preparative separations.

The PU-4086 pump offers flow rates up to 20 mL/min, the PU-4087 pump up to 50 mL/min.

Both single and multi-pump gradient modes can be used with the PU-4086 pump platform, and the PU-4087 is used in multi-pump mode only.

Dynamic mixers, solvent selection valves and the prep degasser can be installed in the expansion bays in both the PU-4086 and PU-4087 modules.


Flow rate range 0.5 to 20 mL/min
Maximum pressure 50 MPa
Flow rate range 0.5 to 50 mL/min
Maximum pressure 50 MPa (- 30 mL/min)
40 MPa (- 40 mL/min)
30 MPa (- 50 mL/min)

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