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micro21 Micro HPLC System

Addressing recent trends in the HPLC fields and customer requirements, especially in bioanalysis, drug discovery/development and Life Sciences, the JASCO micro21 series capillary liquid chromatograph is designed for small scale separations, offering minimized solvent usage with attendant reductions in costs and pollution, high sensitivity detection in sample limited cases, high throughput with autosampler, and seamless coupling with mass spectrometric detectors without splitting. The micro21 series includes an all-in-one capillary liquid chromatograph which makes micro gradients from 1 μL/min possible, a low dispersion autosampler, high-sensitivity detectors and capillary columns.

micro21 LC-01/02
micro21 PU-01
micro21 AS-01
micro21 UV-01/02
micro21 FP-01

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