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X-LC™ Systems

The JASCO X-LC Series extreme high pressure liquid chromatography is designed to operate at pressures apparoaching 15,000 psi for either gradient or isocratic separations. X-LC provides researchers with a powerful tool to use small particle columns while providing efficiency and speed that was previously not possible in a commercial HPLC. All of this while retaining the ability to run traditional HPLC methods.

X-LC™ 3185PU
X-LC™ 3180PU
X-LC™ 3180MX
X-LC™ 3080DG
X-LC™ 3180HV
X-LC™ 3159AS
X-LC™ 3067CO
X-LC™ 3161CO
X-LC™ 3070UV/3075UV
X-LC™ 3177UV
X-LC™ 3110MD
X-LC™ 3120FP
X-LC™ 3195CD

Xtreme Speed
The X-LC™ provides chromatographers with a system capable of reducing analysis times up to 10 エ as compared to conventional HPLC.

Xtreme Efficiency
The X-LC series provides efficiency far beyond conventional HPLC by utilizing columns packed with small particles less than 2 µm.

This plot shows the relationship between HETP (height equivalent to a theoretical plate) and linear velocity of the mobile phase. A smaller HETP value indicates higher efficiency. The optimum linear velocity, which offers the maximum column efficiency, is shown in the graph. Reducing the particle size offers lower HETP values resulting in higher column efficiency. For columns packed with 1.8 µm particles, when the linear velocity of the mobile phase is increased to two or three times its original value, the HETP value is maintained at a much lower level compared to a similar increase when using columns with larger particles. This demonstrates that the flow rate can be increased and the analysis time shortened without sacrificing the column efficiency. The use of smaller particles, however, requires increased pumping pressure. The X-LC™ is capable of delivering solvents at pressures up to 15,000 psi.

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