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FP-8600NIR Near Infrared Spectrofluorometer

JASCO offers Model FP-8600NIR Near Infrared (NIR) spectrofluorometer with the capability to measure materials with strong fluorescence in the NIR region, such as rare-earth elements or carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotube characteristics change drastically according to the tube diameter or the chiral angle. A NIR spectrofluorometer is a very powerful tool for evaluation of these and other samples including 3-dimensional measurements that simultaneously scan both excitation and emission wavelengths.

System Features

  • Precise correction by a calibrated, reference light source
  • Quantum efficiency measurements in the NIR range


  • Identification of single walled carbon nanotubes
  • Characterization of organic compounds
  • Emission spectra of rare earth complexes
  • Analysis of semiconductor band structures

Detectors Ex: PMT
Em: Nitrogen cooled NIR PMT
Light source 150W Xenon lamp
EX wavelength range 220 - 850 nm
EM wavelength range 300 - 1700 nm

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