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UV/Vis/NIR Microspectrophotometer

The MSV-300 series is a microspectroscopy system providing transmittance/reflectance measurements of microscopic sample sites for a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to near infrared. Conventional measurements require samples with dimensions comparable to a mm sized optical beam. The MSV-300 series can measure color, film thickness, and other spectral properties of a microscopic area for either large or small samples. The optional automated X-Y-Z stage provides multi-point measurements and surface analysis mapping capabilities.

System Features

  • Wide spectral measurement range
    Continuous measurements between 250 and 2,000 nm (MSV-370) using a spectrometer with a wide band, Cassegrain objective.

  • Simple operation
    The integrated CCD camera allows verification of the analysis site and sample position while defining the sample aperture on the software system.

  • Double-beam system
    Superior measurement stability using a double-beam spectrophotometer.

  • Automated X-Y-Z stage
    With the optional automated stage, discrete measurement areas can be selected using the mouse while simultaneously viewing the sample area on the CCD monitor.
Microscope image monitor
70 x 240 µm aperture set for a blue filter on an LCD panel
RGB filter on an LCD panel

Microscope image monitor
Measurement of SiO2 on Si wafer (Sampling area : 30 × 30 µm)
SiO2 layer thicknes measurement
Film thickness was calculated as 1.98 µm

Si Wafer


System name MSV-350 UV/Vis Microspectrophotometer MSV-370 UV/Vis/NIR Microspectrophotometer
Measurement system Double-beam, single monochromator system
Spectrophotometer Czerny-Turner optical system
Light source Deuterium and halogen lamps (automated switching)
Wavelength range 250 - 800 nm 250 - 2000 nm
Spectral bandwidth 1, 2, 5 and 10 nm 1, 2, 5 and 10 nm (NIR: 2, 4, 8, 20 and 40 nm)
Wavelength accuracy ±0.3 nm ±0.3 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ±0.1 nm ±0.1 nm (NIR: ±0.4 nm)
Detector Photomultiplier Photomultiplier and PbS detector (automated switching)
Sample observation CCD video camera
Binocular eye piece and optional sample observation polarizer
Objective Cassegrainian objective
(10X, 16X, and 32X magnification: 16X or 32X is standard. Other magnifications are available.)
Sampling area From 30 µm x 30 µm
(with 32X objective spectral bandwidth of 10 nm (NIR - 40 nm))
Data collection Spectral measurement, time course, and fixed wavelength measurement
Polarizer/analyzer Glan-Taylor polarizer (option)
Control/data processing 32-bit compatible (Spectra Manager)
Sample stage Manual (Optional automated X-Y-Z stage)
Optional software Mapping measurements, film thickness calculations, and color analysis
Power requirement 210 VA
Dimensions/weight 750 mm (W) x 700 mm (D) x 650 mm (H); 130 kg

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