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FLV-1000/2000 VUV Spectrofluorometer

The plasma display panel (PDP) is expected to dominate the flat panel display market due to an improved viewing angle, faster update speeds, and a crisper picture quality. Gas discharge excitation of RGB photoluminescent phosphors is used by the plasma display panels to produce the displayed picture. However, there is still a need for improvement in display performance; the high power requirements and relatively high cost of manufacture restricting the viability of the PDP compared to other display alternatives. The JASCO FLV-1000/2000 VUV Spectrofluorometer can be used for the development and characterization of new PDP phosphors or the inspection and control of PDP manufacturing processes.

System Features

  • Zero dispersion double monochromator for low stray light and high-throughput
  • Dual-beam optical system using sodium salicylate as a reference monitor for excellent repeatability
  • Stand-alone system includes a nitrogen purge system
  • Automated cell changer for up to three samples
  • Filter program for optimum fluorescence wavelengths
  • Optional transmittance mode measurements

Excellent repeatability (Sodium Salicylate)

Results demonstrate relative intensity compared to Sodium Salicylate at 100.
Note: Samples supplied by Professor Toda of Niigata Univ.; Faculty of Engineering.

System Diagram


Ex spectral range 130 to 300 nm
Resolution 3 nm
Repeatability 1%
Ex wavelength 450, 527, 610 nm (FLV-1000)
300 to 800 nm (FLV-2000)
Option Transmittance measurement

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