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V-1000 VUV Spectrophotometer

Miniaturization of wafer manufacturing processes has promoted the shift towards shorter photolithography wavelengths. Currently, ArF lasers (193 nm) are most currently used. Research on the practical implementation of F2 (157 nm) has reduced the imprinting node to 0.07 µm.

The V-1000 was designed to evaluate optical properties in the wavelength range between 115 and 300 nm. Typically, instrument optical paths for analyses in this range are evacuated due to the strong absorption of oxygen, thus, the 'acuum' ultraviolet range. The V-1000 provides rapid sample measurements without evacuation of the entire instrument by using a nitrogen purge and dual sample exchange cabinets to enhance purge efficiency. Superior photometric reproducibility is achieved by using a double monochromator for elimination of stray light and a reference stabilized double-beam system to maintain baseline stability.

System Features

  • Highly accurate measurements in the vacuum UV range
    Double monochromator and reference stabilized double-beam system achieves a photometric reproducibility of 0.03%.

  • Rapid switchover between transmission/reflection measurement
    Samples are easily loaded for either reflection measurements at 5 or 45 or transmission measurements without replacing sampling accessories. Please contact us if you require a special configuration.

  • Quick measurements
    By increasing purge efficiency and eliminating dead space in the optical path, measurements are completed within minutes.

%T Transmission measurement

%R Reflection measurement

Superb Photometric Reproducibility

・This example uses a calcium fluoride window 30 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick.
・One hundred consecutive measurements were taken on five separate occasions using a wavelength of 157.6 nm.


Averaged Transmittance

Standard Deviation
(Num. of Samples : 100)
1 86.07 % 0.025 %
2 86.03 % 0.023 %
3 86.02 % 0.023 %
4 86.04 % 0.024 %
86.05 %
0.025 %


Wavelength range
115 to 300 nm
Photometric reproducibility
Standard deviation at 157 nm: ア0.03 % or less for material with 70 %T or greater
Double monochromator with dual concave gratings and reference stabilized double-beam system
Instrument resolution
3 nm (Optional: 1 nm)
Light source
Deuterium lamp
Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
Nitrogen purge (Sample chamber purged separately)
Measurement configuration
Transmission and 5 or 45 incidence reflection (standard)
Optional accessories
Absolute reflection and polarization dependence
Sample size
Maximum sample size 50.8 mm diameter and 10 mm thickness
Data collection and analysis software Spectral scanning, fixed wavelength, baseline correction, smoothing, spectral arithmetic, peak area, peak height, peak half width, and data conversion routines
Supplied support equipment Support bench, oxygen monitor, vacuum gauge and vacuum pump
1300(W) x 700(D) x 1200(H)
Approx. 450 kg
Power requirement 130 VA

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