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FP-8300 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Versatile model, specifically designed for bio-applications, such as stopped flow, fluorescence anisotropy and auto-titration applications.
  • Wavelength range on both Ex and Em 200 - 750 nm / Option: 200 - 900 nm
  • Wide dynamic range greater than 6 orders of magnitude
  • High sensitivity (>2800:1 (RMS), band width 5 nm)

Phosphorescence measurements
A high-speed chopper for the FP-8300/8500/8600 offers phosphorescence spectrum measurements as well as advanced phosphorescent lifetime and quantitative analysis measurements. The PMU-830 liquid nitrogen sampling accessory can be added for additional flexibility.

Luminescence spectra of cooled Benzene

The luminescence spectra of benzene measured with 255 nm excitation at 77 K. The blue trace in the figure is the normal emission spectrum; the red trace is the phosphorescence spectrum measured using a 5 msec delay.

  • For various volumes and shapes of samples
    • FMH-801 3 mm micro cell jacket
    • FMH-802 5 mm micro cell jacket
    • FUV-803 Absorbance measurement cell block
    • FHM-804 High sensitivity cell block
    • FSA-805 30 degrees incident angle cell block for triangular cell
    • FSA-806 30 degrees incident angle cell block for rectangular cell
    • FDA-808 Solid sample holding block
    • FLH-809 Film holding block
    • FPA-810 Powder sample cell block
    • SAF-851 One-drop measurement unit
    • CTS-855 Coumarin measurement unit
    • OBF-832 Optical fiber unit
    • EFA-833 Epi-fluorescence unit
  • For temperature control
    • CTH-807 Water thermostatted cell block
    • STR-812 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer
    • FCT-816 Water thermostatted 4-position cell changer
    • FCT-817 Water thermostatted 8-position cell changer
    • EHC-813 Pettier thermostatted single cell holder (air-cooled)
    • ETC-815 Peltier thermostatted single cell holder (water-cooled)
    • PCT-818 Automatic 4-position Peltier cell changer
    • PMU-830 Liquid nitrogen cooling unit
    • CSH-831 Cryostat holder
    • HPC-836 High temperature powder cell unit
  • Auto-sampler and sipper
    • SHP-820 Peristaltic sipper
    • QFS-822 Vacuum sipper
    • FSC-824 Micro flow cell holder
    • FMP-825 Automatic microplate reader
    • ASU-800 Autosampler
    • ASP-849 Syringe pump
  • For quantum yield determination
    • ISF-834 60 mm dia. integrating sphere
    • ILF-835 100 mm dia. integrating sphere
    • ILFC-847 Cooled 100 mm dia. integrating sphere
  • For kinetics and reaction analyses
  • Polarizer and depolarizer
    • FDP-837 Automatic polarizer for UV/VIS range
    • FSP-838 Depolarization plate

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