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FP-8500 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Research model with the highest performance in the world.
Optimized for the analysis of solid samples and advanced materials.
  • Wavelength range on both Ex and Em
  • 200 - 750 nm / Option: 200 - 850 nm
  • Wide dynamic range greater than 6.5 orders of magnitude
  • Highest sensitivity in the world (>5000:1 (RMS), band width 5 nm)
  • Fastest spectral scanning available (60,000 nm/min)

Rapid 3D Spectra Measurement
3D spectra measurement is available for all models of the FP-8000 series. The fastest scan speed of 60,000 nm/min for the FP-8500/8600 offers 3D spectral measurement in the shortest time available for any instrument in this class. The analysis software offers a variety of processing methods to easily display the relevant data characteristics.


  • For various volumes and shapes of samples
    • FMH-801 3 mm micro cell jacket
    • FMH-802 5 mm micro cell jacket
    • FUV-803 Absorbance measurement cell block
    • FHM-804 High sensitivity cell block
    • FSA-805 30 degrees incident angle cell block for triangular cell
    • FSA-806 30 degrees incident angle cell block for rectangular cell
    • FDA-808 Solid sample holding block
    • FLH-809 Film holding block
    • FPA-810 Powder sample cell block
    • SAF-851 One-drop measurement unit
    • CTS-855 Coumarin measurement unit
    • OBF-832 Optical fiber unit
    • EFA-833 Epi-fluorescence unit
  • For temperature control
    • CTH-807 Water thermostatted cell block
    • STR-812 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer
    • FCT-816 Water thermostatted 4-position cell changer
    • FCT-817 Water thermostatted 8-position cell changer
    • EHC-813 Pettier thermostatted single cell holder (air-cooled)
    • ETC-815 Peltier thermostatted single cell holder (water-cooled)
    • PCT-818 Automatic 4-position Peltier cell changer
    • PMU-830 Liquid nitrogen cooling unit
    • CSH-831 Cryostat holder
    • HPC-836 High temperature powder cell unit
  • Auto-sampler and sipper
    • SHP-820 Peristaltic sipper
    • QFS-822 Vacuum sipper
    • FSC-824 Micro flow cell holder
    • FMP-825 Automatic microplate reader
    • ASU-800 Autosampler
    • ASP-849 Syringe pump
  • For quantum yield determination
  • For kinetics and reaction analyses
  • Polarizer and depolarizer
    • FDP-837 Automatic polarizer for UV/VIS range
    • FSP-838 Depolarization plate

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