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FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometer

Equipped with the latest innovative technology, the JASCO FP-8000 series was designed to obtain fluorescence spectra with the highest sensitivity, the fastest scan speeds and excellent analysis-oriented functionality. To meet the demands of research and development applications, a wide array of accessories are available for integration with the FP-8000 instruments and supported by the user-friendly Spectra Manager™ II software platform. The various instruments of the FP-8000 series, covering a wide range of applications, offers the best solution for all your needs, from advanced materials analysis to biological research requirements.

  • Highest sensitivity (>5000:1 (RMS), FP-8500)
  • Fastest scan speed in the world.
  • Wide dynamic range (> 6.5 orders of magnitude, FP-8500)
  • Standard Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS
  • Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter
  • Rapid 3D spectra measurement
  • Phosphorescent lifetime measurements up to 1 msec



A wide variety of accessories and control/analysis programs are designed to integrate analysis methods for various samples and application requirements ranging from biochemical/bioscience to materials research and beyond.

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