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Fluorescence Quantum Yield Measurements

Quantum yield measurement is essential to evaluate fluorescent materials, such as organic EL or white LED used in illumination system. Three models of integrating sphere are available for FP-8000 series for measurement of total fluorescence of films, liquid and powder samples. Quantum yield can be calculated by analyzing obtained spectra using quantum yield calculation program.

Fluorescence Quantum Yield Measurement of Magnesium Tungstate

Magnesium tungstate used as blue-white fluorescent material in fluorescent lamp was sandwiched between two KBr plates and fluorescence spectrum was measured using FP-8500 with ILFC-847 / 100 mm diameter integrating sphere unit. Then quantum yield was calculated and internal quantum efficiency was determined to be 80.8 %, which is in good agreement with the published value of 81 % ( J. Illum. Engng. Inst. Jpn.Vol.83 No.2, 1999)

Inside of integrating sphere

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