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FT/IR-6800 FT-IR Spectrometer

The FT/IR-6800 offers the absolute highest level of performance in the industry with the highest signal-to-noise specifications. Designed for a wide range of critical research and development applications, the FT/IR-6800 is capable of measuring from the Visible (25,000 cm-1) to the Far IR (50 cm-1). Step scan, high resolution, and full vacuum options are available.
The FT/IR-6800 features the absolute highest resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio in the industry. The gold coated optical surfaces provides higher throughput in the Near-IR region and enables expansion to FT-Raman measurement. The FT/IR-6800 includes the Rapid Scan (20 Hz) feature as standard for tracking high speed chemical reactions and other processes. Step scan and full vacuum options are available.


Wavenumber Extension

The working range of any JASCO FT-IR can be extended to cover Near to Far-IR applications by switching automatically various optical components, i.e., light source, beam splitters, and detector.

FT/IR-6800FV with automatic beam splitter switching unit
and automatic window switching unit

Rapid Scan

The Rapid Scan function is provided as a standard feature of the FT/IR-6800. The Rapid Scan system enables the instrument to perform up to 20 scans per second for the FT/IR-6800 providing real-time analysis of reaction kinetics.

Step Scan

Step Scan FT-IR spectroscopy offers the capability to obtain rapid time-resolved infrared measurements. This technique covers the entire mid-IR region allowing simultaneous measurement at all frequencies while maintaining the high throughput and multiplex advantages of FT-IR. The time-resolved Step Scan FT-IR technique involves displacing the moveable mirror of the interferometer in a step-wise manner. Using the Step Scan technique it is possible to monitor the progress of very fast and reproducible events.

Microscope/IR Imaging

JASCO offers vairous infrared microscope models which can be easily interfaced to any FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 instrument. When used with the FT/IR-6000 the IRT-7200 multi-channel infrared microscope offers advanced capability for applications such as time-resolved imaging.

IQ Accessory Recognition

IQ Accessory Recognition automatically recognizes the sampling accessory when inserted into the instrument sample compartment, using the previously declared instrument parameters for spectral data acquisition. The IQ System can be programmed for any commercially available sampling accessory.


Max resolution: 0.07cm-1
S/N ratio: 55,000:1


Single reflection ATR attachment
Multi-reflections ATR attachment
Diffused reflectance attachment
Grazing angle reflection attachment
Pellet sampling accessory
Gas cells, liquid cells and mull cells
And many more!

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