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Polarizer evaluation System

Polarizer is an typical optical device which has been used for such several purposes as polarized sunglasses, polarized filter, display part of electronics instruments. Typical example of the display part of electronics is liquid crystal display.
With relation to getting high quality of the above high technology products, high accuracy have been required to evaluate optical characteristic or color design about quality control of the polarizer. Especially, liquid crystal display industry is proceeding to get high quality of display, and it is very important to evaluate shielding correctly on condition that polarized prism is crossed Nicol status. We hereby will introduce the most suitable system in order to measure such polarizer accurately.

The evaluating system consists of JASCO high end models of V-7000 series, polarizer, sample holder and integrating sphere. Making linear polarized light by a polarizer in front of the sample, and the sample to be measured is located both position on crossed Nicol and parallel status about the linear polarized light. Then each of transmittance spectra on the both crossed Nicol and parallel status is measured.
There are several kinds of polarizers of which diffuse transmittance range is from weak to strong. Therefore sample is mounted just in front of the integrating sphere to measure diffuse transmittance. It is also possible to evaluate only straight transmittance light component by having some distance from integrating sphere to the sample.

Commercial dichroic polarized plate

Measurement time is within 90 seconds. But high signal to noise ratio data of less than 0.0003% can be obtained around transmittance 0.001%.

Spctra Manager™ Suite

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