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V-7300 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer with InGaAs Detection

The new JASCO V-7300 fatures an InGaAs detector which provides dramatically reduced noise and enhanced sensitivity in the NIR range.
This reasults in improved detection limits and increased scan rates to obtain a cleaner spectrum with better resolution in less time. With an operating range of 175 - 1800 nm, the V-7300 offers the ultimate system for evaluation development of photonics and communications technologies.


Wavelength range: 175-1800 nm (Low UV kit is 175 - 900 nm (Low UV kit is necessary for the region below 184 nm)
Bandwidth selectable: selectable: 0.049 nm or higher (UV/Vis)
0.1 nm or higher (NIR)
Stray light: 0.00007% or less at 220 nm (10 g/L Nal ASTM Method
0.00007% or less at 370 nm (50 g/L NaN02)
0.00005% or less at 1420 nm (H20 1 cm path)


Absolute reflectance measurement attachment
Polarization film measurement attachment
Diffused reflectance attachment
Rea beam attenuator
Double aperture attachment
And Many More!

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