JASCO Products (Analytical instruments)

A worldwide network of companies supports the full range of analytical instrumentation in educational, industrial, quality control and research laboratories.

JASCO manufactures a wide range of UV/VIS/NIR, FT/IR, Fluorescence, Raman and related spectroscopic instrumentation. JASCO is the world leader in the field of Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeters.

The experience gained by JASCO in both optical design and computer technology led to the production of spectrophotometric detectors for HPLC.

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Mass Spectrometers
Isotopx Ltd.

JASCO International, Division 2 provides customers with the ultimate in mass-spectrometer technology.

We are responsible for importing, selling and maintaining organic mass spectrometers, and have more than 25 years of experience in the field of mass spectrometry.

More than 400 instruments have been already installed in Japan by us.

Scientific Instruments
FTA / CO.FO.ME.GRA / AXXICON Moulds BV / Eurovector / Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. / Fungilab S.A. / Aurora Instruments Ltd. / Oxford Instruments plc / Nabertherm GmbH.

JASCO International, Division 2 also provides customers material testing technology with the imported scientific instrument used by the polymers and plastics, foods and cosmetic industries.

The instruments supplied are manufactured by reputable companies who are ISO registered. We anticipate that with this diverse range of instruments which compliment JASCO's conventional instruments, we can continue our expansion into other application areas in different areas of the market.