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FVS-6000 VCD (Vibrational Circular Dichroism) Spectrometer

JASCO has developed the FVS-6000 high performance VCD (Vibrational Circular Dichroism) spectrometer with the most advanced DSP electronics and auto-alignment mechanism. The FVS-6000 not only allows you to easily obtain fingerprint VCD spectra, but also has several unique features such as a measurement range extension option of 4000 ~ 750 cm-1. Since the CD signals in the infrared region are one or more orders of magnitude lower than ECD signals in the UV-Vis region, high sensitivity and stability are required for a VCD spectrometer. The FVS-6000 is the VCD spectrometer of choice for highly sensitive VCD measurements.

Optimized optics
The FVS-6000 employs a 28° interferometer to reduce polarization effects and reflective optics to eliminate artifacts caused by birefringence for high-quality VCD data. The isolated mount of the IR light source and the thermal control of the PEM crystal offers long-term baseline stability.

VCD auto alignment
The auto alignment function optimizes the VCD optics to reduce linear anisotropy artifacts. No manual alignment is required when the detector and/or optical filters are exchanged.

Lock-in detection by DSP
Phase-sensitive lock-in detection by DSP (Digital Signal Processing) with a sophisticated algorithm optimized for VCD offers drastic improvement of the S/N ratio.

Purge capability
The optics, sample chamber and detector housing are all purgeable to obtain high-precision data free of environmental interference.

The VFT-4000 VCD attachment for the FT/IR-4000, 6000 Series FT-IR spectrometers is also available.

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