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IRT-5100 FT-IR Microscope

Micro FT-IR has generally been reserved for measuring specified samples such as small contaminants on polymer films or micro samples transferred to infrared transparent windows. Today, JASCO’ s innovative FT-IR Microscopes, the IRT-5000/7000 Series, provide new functions that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analyses. These microscope systems can be easily interfaced with the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 series spectrometers, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems available in the market. Coupling JASCO’ s proven technology for infrared spectroscopy, accumulated over 50 years, with the most advanced optical design, the IRT-5000/7000 Series offer the best solution for even the most challenging sample analyses.
The IRT-5100 is a general purpose FT-IR microscope employing a standard DLATGS detector with no need for liquid nitrogen cooling. The IRT-5100 can also integrate an additional detector which can be simultaneously installed. An optional automatic XYZ sample stage provides auto-focus and mapping analysis capabilities.

  • Dual detector capability
  • Variety of measurement modes (Transmission, reflection, ATR, Grazing Angle Reflection)
  • Multiple objective capabilities
  • Optional automatic sample stage

Exceptional visualobservation quality
A high-resolution CMOS video camera offers exceptional image quality in addition to a 3X optical zoom capability.


A wide range of optional accessories is available. The microscope system can be optimized for sample application requirements.

  • 5.7 inch TFT color display or Binocular
  • Joystick for automated stage control
  • Wavelength extension options
  • ATR objectives and pressure sensor
  • Grazing angle objective and IR polarizer
  • Sample purge and vacuum options
  • Sample observation options
    (Visible polarizer, Fluorescence observation,
    Refractive objectives (10x, 20x), etc.)

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