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Irtron µ Sample Compartment Microscope

JASCO’s new Irtron µ (Irtron Micro) is a sampling accessory created exclusively for JASCO’s FT-IR 4000/6000 series Spectrometers.
  • Can be easily set into the sample compartment within seconds. No optical alignment is required before measurements.
  • Three measurement modes are available including: Transmittance, Reflectance, and ATR analysis.
  • DLATGS detector in FTIR main instrument (standard)
  • MCT detector or Near IR optimized detector available (optional)
  • Unique sample observation system allows complete view of sample, even during measurements.
  • Data acquisition and processing are performed by the Spectra Manager Software. Spectral data can be stored with a video capture of the sample view.

The Irtron µ features unprecedented convenience and ease of use, at minimum expense.

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