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Slice Master

Slice Master is an instrument that can easily create thin sections by cutting film-type samples that are about as hard as what can be cut with a knife. Fast, easy, and safe Since Slice Master is dedicated to filmtype samples, it handles everything from sample placement to cutting in fast, easy and safe manner, without any preprocessing. Small and Low cost Compared with existing general-purpose slicers (microtomes etc.), the cost of the Slice Master main unit and consumables (blades) is quite reasonable (1/2 to 1/10 less expensive).

Guidelines for samples which can be cut by the Slice Master
Samples can be cut which are as hard as those that can be cut with a razor knife. Sample thickness which can be cut are shown below. (The range shown below is only a guideline and may differ depending on sample hardness and how the cut segment will be used)

HS-1 Vertical Slicer
The HS-1 is capable of vertically cutting.

Film Thickness Component Analysis
Layers of Multilayer Film (Toothpaste Tube) using Micro FTIR

HK-1 Angled Slicer
The HK-1 is capable of cutting at a 15° angle.

Cross Sectional Analysis IR Imaging
Hair cross section analysis using Micro FTIR

HW-1 Multi-angle Slicer
The HW-1 is capable of catting any angle from 45° to 90°.

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