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VFT-4000 VCD (Vibrational Circular Dichroism) attachment

VFT-4000 with FT/IR-6800

The VFT-4000 is a VCD attachment for the FT/IR-4000/6000 FT-IR spectrometers, developed for measuring vibrational circular dichroism in the infrared region. The VFT-4000 can be used to obtain very useful information for the optical activity of carbohydrates and provide tertiary structure identification of chiral molecules. Since the CD signals in the infrared region are one or more orders of magnitude lower than ECD signals in the UV-Vis region, the VCD spectrometer needs high sensitivity and high stability. The VFT-4000 enables highly stable and sensitive measurement using lock-in detection by a DSP (digital signal processor) with a sophisticated algorithm optimized for VCD as well as thermal control of the PEM.
The VFT-4000 can be easily integrated with an installed FT/IR-4000/6000 in the field without any complicated adjustments.

Wide band coverage
The VFT-4000 can cover a wide spectral range from 3200 ~ 850 cm-1 as standard. Optional detectors and filters can extend the range to 4000 ~ 750 cm-1, enabling the measurement of OH and NH bands. Detectors can be easily exchanged with no manual alignment, and optical filters can be switched by a PC-controlled 6-position filter wheel.

VCD auto alignment
An auto-alignment function optimizes the VCD optics to reduce linear anisotropy artifacts. No manual alignment is required when a detector and/or optical filters are exchanged.

Narrow band mode
The narrow band mode allows measurements of small peaks at targeted absorption bands with high sensitivity by using optional band filters.

Purge capability
The optics, sample chamber and detector housing are all purgeable to obtain high precision data free of environmental interference.

Both VCD and IR measurements in one system
The FT/IR-4000/6000 combined with the VFT-4000 allows you to perform both FT-IR and VCD measurements on one system. In FT-IR measurement mode, information for protein secondary structure analysis can be obtained, while in the VCD measurement mode, very useful information of optical activities and tertiary structure identification of molecules can be obtained. This system can be applied widely for the field of structural analysis of various optically active substances.

The FVS-6000 VCD spectrometer is also available.


Measurement range Standard: 3200 - 850 cm-1
Option: 4000 - 750 cm-1
Resolution Depending on FT-IR model
Noise level
Measurement condition
about 1 x 10-5 ΔAbs
(4 cm-1, 20 min accumulation)
Detector Standard:
MCT-V (3200 - 850 cm-1)
MCT-C (1000 - 750 cm-1)
InSb (4000 - 2000 cm-1)
Lock-in detection DSP
Optical filter Standard:
3200 - 2000 cm-1,
2000 - 850 cm-1
4000 - 2700 cm-1,
1000 - 750 cm-1,
1850 - 1550 cm-1

6-position automatic switching (Standard)

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