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At JASCO International we aim to address the ever-changing analytical needs of our customers worldwide, by providing the very highest standards in analytical instrumentation.

At the start of the twenty first century, we live in a rapidly changing and ever diversifying world. Each step forward in human progress brings new demands and challenges in science.
JASCO International aims to meet the highest standards of accuracy, precision, sensitivity and reproducibility: the cornerstones of scientific instrumentation. Our expertise covers both spectroscopy and chromatography. In this way we aim to contribute greatly to fields as diverse as materials science and biochemistry, from frontier research through to quality control.

Environmental monitoring, protection and pollution control, are amongst the most crucial problems that we face. With better and more appropriate products, we can help to reverse the damage to our planet’s fragile ecosystem and contribute to a brighter future for all its inhabitants.

JASCO International products and services cover the complete analytical spectrum. The life sciences, including proteomics and biochemistry, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, semiconductor manufacturing and environmental protection are all covered by our extensive range.

JASCO International activities in Japan are presently organised into Divisions One and Two, to better serve our customers’ widely varying needs. By building on the success of JASCO Corporation and by attaching the highest value to our customers’ trust, we will continue to support science and technology into the coming millennium.

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