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ChromNAV Chromatography Data System

ChromNAV 2.0 (and ChromNAV-CFR 2.0) are JASCO’s next generation CDS developed from the powerful and easy-to-use ChromNAV 1.0 with a host of exciting new features.

With a customizable graphical-user-interface (GUI), the user can set-up the system to display only the functions necessary for their application. This latest intuitive GUI allows the user to quickly learn the operation and explore the extensive functionality for data processing.

ChromNAV 2.0 is a universal CDS which can be used with any type of separation - HPLC, UHPLC, RHPLC, prep-HPLC, analytical SFC and prep-SFC. ChromNAV can also satisfi y the demands of dedicated analysis and multi-purpose systems.

Control method
The pump flow rate and gradient profile display is flexible and can be overlaid with a chromatogram for adjusting gradient conditions.

PDA analysis
PDA data processing is included as standard. Data is displayed in 2D contour plot and 3D with simultaneous overlay of spectra and chromatograms.Extract chromatograms at single or multiple wavelengths for quantitation

ChromNav 2.0 standard features

  • Peak integration and peak identifi cation
  • Peak grouping
  • Linear and non-linear quantitation
  • 3D chromatogram analysis
  • Spectral analysis for UV-visible, Fluorescence and PDA detectors
  • Style report generator
  • User calculation

ChromNAV 2.0 Optional Applications

  • ChromNAV CFR for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and electronic registration of data
  • GPC molecular weight dispersion
  • Molecular weight dispersion of low molecular weight heparin
  • FUMI theory (Function of Mutual Information) for theoretical precision analysis
Molecular weight distribution program ( Option )
ChromNAV GPC/SEC calculation program for GPC analysis

ChromNAV- FC Collection view window (Option)
ChromNAV-FC fraction collector control for the CHF-122SC fraction collector

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