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LC-4000 Series System

A versatile series of components offering unique flexibility to build isoratic and high/low pressure gradient systems for routine and specialized applications.

Compact design
Modular components offering PC system or direct keypad control
Micro, analytical and preparative solvent delivery systems
Wide range of detectors
50, 100 and 120 position autosamplers
Solvent switching, mixing and degassing
Column switching and temperature control
32 bit software package for control and full data analysis

LC-4000 Series Components

The JASCO CORPORATION was founded in 1948 to produce optical spectroscopy products for University research departments.
The experience gained by JASCO in both optical design and computer technology led to the production of spectrophotometric detectors for HPLC.
The move into the HPLC market continued with the production of solvent delivery systems, gradient elution devices and a complete range of detectors, JASCO has more than 30 years experience in the design and development of innovative chromatography instrumentation for a wide range of applications.
A worldwide network of companies supports the full range of analytical instrumentation in educational, industrial, quality control and research laboratories.
The latest development is the LC-4000 series High Performance Liquid Chromatograph which meets the key requirements of today's analytical laboratory.

LC-4500 model

LC-4500 compact module (width : 15 cm) makes effective use of lab space.

PU-4580 enables to configure the various solvent delivery system, and AS-4550 can provide the various sample injection method. Therefore, these modules achieve to build the ideal system.
Combination with existing LC-4000 modules can provides wider application.

User Friendly
LC-4500 model has the key panel, which achieves simple operation.


The complexity of integrated circuits has been increasing as lithography technology improves. In order to achieve pattern width in the sub-micrometer range, the method of photoresist stripping and cleaning of silicom wafers is critical.
Supercritical CO2 offers excellent performance as a cleaning solvent in the photoresist stripping/cleaning/drying processes due to unique properties such as low viscosity, high diffusivity, high permeability, no surface tension, among other reasons.

ChromNAV Chromatography Data System

The ChromNAV Chromatography Data System is a state-of-the-art chromatography software package for JASCO LC-4000 Series systems. The software provides fully system control for up to four systems, data acquisition, processing and reporting. A powerful cross-platform software package, Spectra Manager is standard for on-the-fly spectral scanning by UV, FP and CD detectors and data processing functions.
ChromNAV CFR is also available for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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