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Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction

First discovered in 1879, supercritical fluids have been used for extraction applications since the 1950's. The 1980's saw an increase in their use as mobile phase for analytical separations. The work was mainly capillary scale (GC type) work, but some packed column (LC type) applications were developed. Since then, the expected growth in the technique has not taken place but the availability of new programmable pumps and an electronic back pressure regulator opens the door for future development.
The benefits of using supercritical fluids are their liquid-like densities offering higher solubility and increased column loading. They have low viscosity and are highly diffuse enabling faster separation and extraction. The reduction in the use of organic solvents has cost, health, and safety benefits as well as faster (cleaner) sample recovery during experimental procedures.
JASCO offers a dedicated system for SFC and SFE applications based upon the modulator LC-4000 Series of HPLC instrumentation.


  • Separation and sample preparation applications
  • Analytical to preparative scale
  • Replaces normal phase chromatography for environmental alaysis procedures
  • System includes Peltier thermostatted CO2 delivery pump and pressure programmable Back Pressure Regulator
  • Chiral SFC available

SFE/SFC System:

Preparative SFE/SFC System
Analytical SFE/SFC System
Chiral SFC System
Pesticide Residues SFE system
And many more!

SFE/SFC Components:

PU-4380/4386/4387/4388 CO2 delivery pump
AS-4350/4358 Autosampler
BP-4340 Automatic back pressure regulator
Cyclone separator
View Cells and Various High Pressure Vessels

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