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FP-8250 Fluorescence Spectrometer

A simple, robust solution for routine fluorescence measurements such as spectral scanning, temperature dependent measurement, and quantitation.

The FP-8250 is a user-friendly, general-purpose instrument that allows for measurement with a quick press of a start button on top of the instrument. The simplified, yet sensitive design includes everything that is required for routine fluorescence measurements in a quality-control or teaching lab. The standard Auto-Sensitivity Control System (Auto-SCS) and Auto-Gain features enable measurement over a wide range of concentrations using a single calibration method. The Spectra Managerâ„¢ Suite of spectroscopy software off ers full system control, with easy-to-use tools for data processing and analysis.
  • High sensitivity S/N > 4,500 (RMS, water Raman)
  • High-speed scanning up to 20,000 nm/min
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 750 nm data processing and analysis.

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