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FP-8550 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Sophisticated optical system – ultimate performance with the highest sensitivity and spectral accuracy.

The FP-8550 is a powerfully sensitive spectrofl uorometer with the broadest range of accessories, whatever the application: biological, environmental, materials science, teaching labs, and core facilities. It includes an optimized optical design for very low stray-light and enhanced spectral purity. Combined with the most thorough spectral correction, material engineers and researchers are assured of accurate measurements for the evaluation of advanced materials. The FP-8550 performs with the highest sensitivity for fast measurement of samples with low level fluorescence, whether they are challenging biochemical systems or low quantum efficiency materials. The Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS functions optimize the S/N for samples with large differences in signal intensity and concentration offering a dynamic range up to 7 orders of magnitude. High-speed scanning of phosphorescent samples and 3D spectra enables fast acquisition of high-quality, high-density data.
  • High sensitivity S/N > 8,500 (RMS, water Raman)
  • High-speed scanning up to 60,000 nm/min
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 850 nm
  • Validation accessory included as standard

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