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FP-8050 Series Spectrofluorometer

The FP-8050 Series of spectrofluorometers includes four different instruments that provide solutions for the broadest range of applications including QC, biomolecular structural studies, environmental monitoring and advanced materials science. The FP-8050 Series has many flexible options for academic or industrial research, teaching, or use in quality control labs. Users can have the greatest confidence in their measurements, with an optical bench specifically designed for the highest sensitivity, widest dynamic range, and exceptional spectral purity with automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher order diffraction.

  • High-throughput optical system
  • Highest S/N performance
  • Wide dynamic range (up to 7 orders of magnitude)
  • Auto Gain and Auto Sensitivity Control System
  • Automatic cut-off filters for higher-order diffraction
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • High-speed scanning
  • Spectral bandwidth down to 1 nm
  • Spectral Correction

FP-8250 Spectrofluorometer
Entry model
FP-8350 Spectrofluorometer
Standard model
FP-8550 Spectrofluorometer
Flagship model
FP-8650 Spectrofluorometer
For UV-visible to NIR applications

Accessories & Software

The FP-8050 Series combines a compact design with the largest range of accessories together with Spectra Managerâ„¢ Suite, a comprehensive data platform that gives you complete control over measurement, analysis and data archiving. In addition to the standard analysis programs, JASCO has developed many different applications software for dedicated sample measurement.

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