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FT-IR Solutions

With over fifty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy, JASCO introduces a new series of advanced FT-IR instruments and sampling accessories. Now we offer the most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high performance research sysytems plus specially optimized dedicated systems for advanced technology applications such as measuring film thickness and CVD in-situ monitoring for semiconductor research.

FT/IR-4X Spectrometer
FT/IR-6X, 8X Spectrometer
VIR-100/200/300 Versatile FT-IR Spectrometer
FT-IR Microscope
IRT-5100 FT-IR Microscope
IRT-5200 FT-IR Microscope
IRT-7100 Fully Automated FT-IR Microscope
IRT-7200 Multi-channel FT-IR Microscope
Irtron µ Sample Compartment Microscope
Clear-View ATR Series FT-IR Microscope ATR Objectives
RFT-6000 FT-Raman Attachment
Vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) attachment
VFT-4000 VCD attahcment
FT-IR Sampling Accessories
ATR PRO ONE X Single-reflection ATR accessory
ATR PRO 4X High-throughput single reflection ATR accessory
DR PRO 410MX Diffuse reflectance accessory
RAS PRO 85X Grazing angle reflectance accessory
Slice Master

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