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The UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry has long been used as a universal laboratory tool. The technique is widely applied to many kinds of analysis from simple optical density measurements to comparisons of spectral detail. JASCO's more than forty years of experience in the design of spectrophotometers has resulted in the development of the powerful V-7000/V-600 Series of UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometers.

Dissolution Tester

The model DT-810 Dissolution Tester is fully automated and designed for flexibility to provide dissolution testing of up to 8 samples with either the paddle method (standard) or the rotating basket method (option). The unique circular design provides uniform water temperature while utilizing a round heating element. The Direct-Center™ automatic centering mechanism provides hands-free positioning of the dissolution vessles and drive shafts for accurate dissolution tests with high reproducibility.

FT-IR Solutions

With over fifty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy, JASCO introduces a new series of advanced FT-IR instruments and sampling accessories. Now we offer the most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high performance research systems plus specially optimized dedicated systems for advanced technology applications such as measuring film thickness and CVD in-situ monitoring for semiconductor research.
All JASCO FT-IRs include the Sadtler search software package, KnowItAll informatics System, JASCO Edition.

Dispersive Raman

The performance and functions expected on a micro-Raman spectrometer are all provided with the NRS-5000/7000 series Raman systems, assuring consistent performance for rapid acquisition of high quality data with automated system control and
minimal optical adjustments.
For application expansion, an automated multi-grating turret, 2 internally mounted detectors and a maximum of 8 lasers ranging from the UV through the NIR are capable of integration with the instrument system, all optical components are PC controlled for maximum flexibility with minimum user interaction.


The FP-8050 Series of spectrofluorometers includes four different instruments that provide solutions for the broadest range of applications including QC, biomolecular structural studies, environmental monitoring and advanced materials science. The FP-8050 Series has many flexible options for academic or industrial research, teaching, or use in quality control labs. Users can have the greatest confidence in their measurements, with an optical bench specifically designed for the highest sensitivity, widest dynamic range, and exceptional spectral purity with automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher order diffraction.

Circular Dichroism

Since launching the AP-1 in 1961, JASCO has been the leading manufacturer of Spectropolarimeters for measuring Circular Dichroism (CD) and Optical Rotatory Dispersion (ORD). The development of these chiroptical spectrometers has furthered the study of optically active substances. Now, the determination of absolute molecular configuration, changes of conformation and stereochemical analysis have become rapid, routine procedures.

Digital Polarimeters

JASCO, a leading manufacturer of polarimeters since 1967, isproud to introduce the new P-2000 multi-option polarimeter. The P-2000 is designed as a customizable polarimeter with various options for a range of applications and budgetary requirements. The instrument system can also be field upgraded as the application requirements change. Options such as polarizers, wavelength filters, lamps and photomultiplier detectors provide a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Vis to NIR.

Spectra Manager™ Software

JASCO is the first manufacturer to develop a powerful, cross-platform Windows® software package for controlling a wide range of spectroscopic instrumentation. The Spectra Manager Program is a comprehensive package for capturing and processing data, eliminating the need to learn multiple software package and offering the user a time-saving benefit.

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