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NRS-4500 Raman Spectrometer

In Raman spectrometry, sample preparation is generally considered to be much easier than for infrared spectroscopy and unlike FTIR microscopy, Raman offers greatly improved spatial resolution.
As a result, the use of Raman spectrometry is rapidly spreading as the analytical technique of choice for materials analysis. One of the factors which has previously held back the adoption of laser Raman instruments is the skill set required for optical adjustment, measurement optimization and data analysis. The NRS-4500 will change the way Raman is used for so many different applications from QA, to academic teaching, to cutting edge research.

Advanced Features

  • Rigid optical bench and laser image
  • Flexible sampling options
  • Laser choices for improved fluorescence rejection
  • High Speed imaging Raman system - QRI -
  • Powerful ‘User Assist’ control
  • ‘Sample Search’ function
  • Real time data processing functions
  • Useful Corrections for Raman spectroscopy
  • Chemical Image identification and functional groups registry
  • Creative Color Imaging
  • Color Data Display

Laser choices for improved fluorescence rejection

As with other Raman systems, we can utilize laser wavelengths of 785nm and up to 1064nm. Selecting optional excitation laser wavelengths is only one of the ways JASCO minimizes fluorescence interference.

High Speed imaging Raman system - QRI -

The QRI consists of high speed / high accuracy stage and high speed data aquisition in CCD detector and it makes it possible to shorten amount of analysis time dramatically. In addition, EMCCD is an attractive option for high speed weak light measurement.

Quick in wide
Left: Observation image of tablet
Right: Color-coded image of tablet
(Red: Acetaminophen, Green: Ethenzamide, Blue: Caffeine)

Detail in narrow
Left: Observation image of Titanium dioxide fiber
Right: Color-coded image of Titanium dioxide fiber
(Red: Anatase-type, Green: Rutile-type)


Resolution: 2 cm-1 / 0.7 cm-1 (optional)
Measurement range: 50 to 8000 cm-1

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