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NRS-5000/7000 Series Raman Spectrometer

The performance and functions expected on a micro-Raman spectrometer are all provided with the NRS-5000/7000 series Raman systems, assuring consistent performance for rapid acquisition of high quality data with automated system control and minimal optical adjustments.
For application expansion, an automated multi-grating turret, 2 internally mounted detectors and a maximum of 8 lasers ranging from the UV through the NIR are capable of integration with the instrument system, all optical components are PC controlled for maximum flexibility with minimum user interaction.

Advanced Features

  • Research-grade model assuring high spectral quality
  • Exceptional wavenumber accuracy with a high-precision rotary-encoder direct drive mechanism
  • Low wavenumber measurement
  • Auto-alignment of microscope laser introduction optics and Raman scattering light path
  • Wavenumber calibration using an integrated Ne lamp
  • Unique Dual Spatial Filter (DSF) for higher spatial resolution than conventional confocal optics
  • Patented Spatial Resolution Image (SRI) function for simultaneous observation of sample image, laser spot and aperture image
  • Full range of options including macro-Raman measurement unit and fiber optic probes

Unique DFS function for high spatial resolution

Unique DFS function provides higher spatial resolution than normal confocal optics to irradiate only the target sample.

1064 nm laser and InGaAs detector options for fluorescence free measurements

All models can integrate Near‐IR excitation lasers, especially useful for samples which generate fluorescence, even when excited using 785 nm.

High-resolution imaging of a small area at sub-micron scale using the SPRIntS imaging capabilities without an auto-stage

The matrix area surrounding a 1.5 μm diameter hole formed on a Si wafer was measured using a 40 nm stepping function. The 1.5 μm feature could be easily observed in the Raman image.

SPRIntS High Speed Imaging system
("SPRIntS": Software Programmable Raman Integration Speed)

SPRIntS imaging is a laser scanning function which supports high speed measurements by scanning the laser excitation beam using individual scan mirrors (VertiScan) to irradiate the sample while collecting data from a high-speed CCD detector at a minimum of every 5 milliseconds. The VertiScan function also supports a 3-D imaging function by utilizing the Z-autostage and the confocal capability of the instrument system. The VertiScan system is unlike other laser scanning functions because the sample is illuminated with a vertical laser beam every time to retain measurement confocality and obtain a high quality, undistorted Raman image.

Accurate 3-D Imaging by the distortion-free VertiScan function

This function acquires depth imaging data from a sample using the confocal capability of the Raman spectrometer and creates a 3-D image from the Raman intensity data. Multilayer sample analysis is also possible using this function.


Resolution: 1 cm-1 / 0.4 cm-1 (optional)
Measurement range: 50 to 8000 cm-1
Resolution: 0.7 cm-1/ 0.3 cm-1(optional)
Measurement range: 50 to 8000 cm-1

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