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RMP-500 Series Versatile Laser Raman Spectrometers

The JASCO RMP-500 Series Versatile Laser Raman spectrometer system incorporates a fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph and Peltier-cooled CCD detector. No special utilities, such as coolants, are required allowing the system to be used almost anywhere in the field or in a laboratory. The flexibility of optical fiber coupling enables remote measurements by locating the probe right at the sample. The fiber optic probe features an integrated CCD video camera for sample positioning and capturing of digital sample images. All operations are performed by the dedicated software package based on JASCO Spectra Manager II™.
The RMP-500 Series consists of three models, the RMP-510, 520 and 530, ranging from small, portable units suitable for in-situ measurements to research-grade systems to provide capabilities for a wide range of application requirements. The RMP-500 system is controlled using Spectra Manager II™, JASCO's powerful Windows-based cross-platform spectroscopy software package. The system is capable of both laboratory work and on-site measurements in the fields of process control, QC, forensics, art conservation and mineralogy.
The RMP-500 Series allows to build custom-made system based on customer's requirements.


Resolution: 2 cm-1
Measurement range: 100 to 8000 cm-1
Laser: 532 nm
Resolution: 2 cm-1
Measurement range: 100 to 3500 cm-1
Laser: 785 nm
Resolution: 3 cm-1
Measurement range: 100 to 3500 cm-1
Laser: 1064 nm

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